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Kakei/Saiga love fest
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28th-Jun-2010 06:05 pm(no subject)
kurogane smile
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Come join us!!
We're a new CLAMP kink meme that are in need of members in hopes of stirring interest in all the fandoms again!
We have many prompts that need someoneto fill them!
14th-Apr-2008 01:44 pm - New Kakei/Saiga Fanlisting
flawless queen - joan watson

Since the old TAFL-approved Kakei/Saiga fanlisting went kaput, I claimed it for myself a while back, and my life promptly went to hell. But now the site is slowly coming together, so please join.
30th-Dec-2007 10:54 pm - fanart help
my plot bunnies have completely deserted me so the muses have taken over and i've got a wicked idea for a fanart...

i just need someone to scan the 'very unpleasant' page from vol.2. since i'm so damn broke i can't buy one!!!

please and thank you!
16th-Dec-2007 05:03 am - Love, Saiga/Kakei
kurogane smile

Author: Youkohiei_fan
Fandom: Legal Drug
Pairing: Saiga/Kakei
Genre: slash
Table: http://youkohiei-fan.livejournal.com/15038.html
Prompt: Loves
Rating: M 
Word Count: 568
Warnings: lemon, yaoi, language
Disclaimer: I do not own Legal Drug, it belongs to CLAMP

11th-Oct-2007 01:36 pm(no subject)
Title: Bite
Fandom: Legal Drug
Claim: Kakei/Saiga
Other characters/pairings: Kazahaya, Rikuo
Table/Theme Name & Number: Table III, 10. Bite
Rating: T
Warnings: Slash
Summary: The little demon-kitten Kazahaya brought back to the shop is a little feistier than anticipated.

I hope you’re not too worn out for some fun tonight.
19th-Sep-2007 08:51 pm - Newbie!
kurogane smile
 What's your first name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
Any favorite LD volumes/Kakei&Saiga moments in particular?
What are you here to contribute? Fanfiction? Links? Fanmixes? Icons? Or general love? ^_^

1. Ashton
2. 18
3. kentucky
4. vol. 2
5. fanfic's from my new comm table. ^^
19th-Sep-2007 08:39 pm - Understanding
kurogane smile

Title: Understanding
Fandom: Legal Drug
Pairing: Kakei/Saiga
Genre: Slash
Table: http://youkohiei-fan.livejournal.com/15038.html
Prompt: #7 Understanding
Rating: PG
Word Count: 532
Warnings: This contains yaoi, my first fic for this fandom.
Disclaimer: I do not own Legal Drug, b/c if I did it would have several volumes out by now instead of just three.

23rd-Mar-2007 07:33 pm - Mod News
[CEL] Zac Efron/Ashley Tisdale Beach

I have heard from a source that CLAMP is starting to work more on Legal Drug! Huzzah! That's all I have to say other than, how can we get more members so the comm doesn't die? Ugghhhh....

3rd-Feb-2007 02:41 am - newbie offering icons
okay, 1st the questions:
What's your first name? i prefer to go by ani(lowercase)
How old are you? late 20's
Where do you live? in the middle of nebraska
Any favorite LD volumes/Kakei&Saiga moments in particular? 1st drug extra in vol.3 - in the snow outside the store
What are you here to contribute? Fanfiction? Links? Fanmixes? Icons? Or general love? ^_^ general love and icons... maybe ficdom if it hits me... might try some fanart, posted elsewhere and linked of course. and any new links i could find.

2nd the icons: thanks to yn_ame i finally got to make some from my fav moment. they're more cut-outs than pretty finished icons, so use them however you want to.



and here's the link. http://seizansha.livejournal.com/3249.html

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11th-Dec-2006 02:17 pm - Fanfic > Finals.
Title: Adhesivness
Chapter: Prologue -- Tainted
Pairing: Kakei/Saiga
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: CLAMP owns, not me.
Summary: Destined from the start, their ending is clear enough--but the fates are cruel, and the path there is lined with thorns. Two men, both with incredible powers, find that no matter how fast they run, the stars spell out something they cannot understand, but need more desperately than life itself.

The beginnings of a journey start when least expected.
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