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Kakei/Saiga love fest

Kakei/Saiga Love Community
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Hey there!

You've just come to the first ever Kakei/Saiga loving (glomping) community! Created by CLAMP, loved by most. Poor them, they don't get enough attention.

For those that love them, feel free to post fanfiction, wallpapers, layouts, icons, artwork in general, etc.

Let's lay a few ground rules first though...

[×] ___NO BASHING! This is a community for those that like them not oppose them. Show some respect.
[×] ___Respect all fellow posters.
[×] ___Don't forget to use the LJ-cut for large images & texts and such.
[×] ___PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Relate all posts to Kakei/Saiga or Gohou Drug! We don't need to hear anythin else! That's what your personal livejournal is for!
[×] ___Have fun!!!!

Questions (for a newbie):
What's your first name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
Any favorite LD volumes/Kakei&Saiga moments in particular?
What are you here to contribute? Fanfiction? Links? Fanmixes? Icons? Or general love? ^_^